Our Church History

Calvary Road Baptist Church was organized April 1st, 1903, in the old mill house which was standing on the present site. Both the building and the land, 12 acres, were positioned central to the mill town that was built to house the 7,000 mill workers for the old Kellog Mill. The men organizing the church consisted of David Smith, Kelly Moore and Rev. Talker. Twenty-eight additional men made letters of commitment at the forming of the church. After its organization the church extended a unanimous call to Rev. Talker to be the first pastor.

In 1906 the membership, now at 42 in members, commissioned a steeple to be placed at the peak of the roof to give it more of a church presence to the many migrant workers making their way through the mill town on their way to the new mill site in Calmicale Providence. They also commissioned new pews to be made to replace the benches that were left from the mill shutting down. Those pews are still in use today and can be seen in the original building now used as a fellowship area.

During a membership surge in 2002, following 9-11, a new church building was erected to house the many that were seeking God. Now averaging 600 in service Calvary Road Baptist Church has become a vital, thriving part of our community. 

We are pleased to have one of 3 original Churches standing from the turn of the century and as a symbol of our history. The original pulpit, use by Rev. Talker (1903-1953) is built into the pulpit used by our Pastor today. You can also sit in the original pews and hear special messages preached in the “Chapel Hour” the First Friday of every Month at 7pm.